Photo by Jair Quint – UFSC Communication Agency (AGECOM)

The Prorectorate for Outreach and Extension – PROEX [1] aims at articulating and supporting the implementation of UFSC outreach policy, either by means of specific actions from the academic departments or institutional actions in search for an effective integration of the social reality with the activities carried out in the university.

The main responsibilities of PROEX are:

  • maintain the online registration form for outreach activities, resulting in a constantly updated database (SIGPEX);
  • monitor the certificates for official outreach activities at UFSC;
  • support outreach activities, especially through the Outreach Scholarship Program – PROBOLSAS;
  • manage Revista Extensio, the outreach electronic journal at UFSC;
  • give support to UFSC’s competition teams;
  • give support to UFSC’s junior enterprises;
  • organize delegations and participate in events such as the Brazilian Congress of University Outreach (CBEU), the University Outreach Seminar of Southern Brazil (SEURS) and the Iberoamerican University Outreach Congress;
  • provide dissemination of the outreach activities developed at UFSC;
  • promote the inseparability of teaching, research and outreach and the inclusion of outreach actions in the educational projects of undergraduate programs at UFSC.


[1] University outreach is understood as an educational, cultural, scientific and political interdisciplinary process that promotes the transforming interaction between the University and other society sectors. It is one of the keystones of higher education in Brazil, together with teaching and research. Hereinafter, we use the term outreach to refer to the broad range of activities that engages the university with society, including extension activities (i.e. those which are part of formal programs of the University, such as extracurricular courses). In this sense, outreach encompasses extension, and is used henceforth to refer to both.